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It all starts with an idea. Possibly almost as exciting as delivering the final project, it's here that your options are endless. The trick is knowing which great idea to take forward! Don't forget, that improving on something that is already out there is just as viable, although make sure it is your passion that comes first.


You've got the next best thing and alas, it's been done twice over. A populated market doesn't necessarily mean a bad one, you know there is public interest for it, but can you do a bit more research and find that niche.


Homework it out the way and now it's time to turn the idea that's been ticking away inside into a reality. The internet is of course your friend, but it requires real specialising to make sure your dream project turns into an unfinished one. Get it nailed here.


You have an excellent product by now, you've done your research and you are ready to take it into production. Time to start getting it protected. From registering Domains, Trademarks and Patents, this will save a lot of panic down the line. What it someone steals my idea!! Well lucky you got it protected.


The long slog of getting your product into production. This involves preparing it for mass production, adding the details and options and of course creating it a nice home from which it will be presented to the world. Most likely a website.


You think your done? Well, this is where it more often than not gets started. Expecting it to sell like hot cakes, it hangs around like a bad smell.. all the hard work and no-one is seeing it! This is when you need to tap into those social networks or business magnates to distribute your hand work


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