Bounty Killer


Collaborating with our partner studio in Shanghai, we provided consultancy and Visual Effects work for the feature film ‘Bounty Killer’ Staring Gary Busey. [ A personal favorite]. Check out the breakdown of how we approached it by reading more……



A year in the making and Hoodsters is finally about to start seeing the light of day!
For those not in the know, it’s an action adventure platform game where you take on the roll of Tommy. His sister has been captured by the Mean Bully Monkey Mike,
and you need to travel through the enchanted forest to rescue her. Make sure you watch out for the magical lotus flower which gives your hoodie special powers.

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Hammer of the Gods

Cain & Able provided Visual Effects for the feature film, ‘Hammer of the Gods’

We brought the oceans and Viking boats to life in spectacular fashion, crafting simulations and lighting/rendering for a realistic and stylised environment.

With a fast turn-around and low budget, we put our stamp on it for a result we could be proud of.

We did this job out of our Shanghai studio. Bringing together some key talent and working remotely with the VFX Supervisor in London. We quickly got to work processing the DPX files and getting a camera track on them so we could get some previsualisation over as soon as possible. Kristaan, Cg Supervisor reports,  ”It’s key that we get to where the client wants to be as soon as possible, this means sending over previs versions as quick as we can so the actual time is spent finessing the shots, rather than spending too much time on the shot for it later to drastically change direction”.

For the ocean surface we used Houdini and generated white caps from the surface alongside spray from the oars when they interacted. We lit the result in Mantra and provided slap comps and final elements to the London team.

The blood was working off an incredibly fast solution of pre-existing digital assets. This meant we just had to adjust a few sliders so we could concentrate on the artist side rather than the technical. The solution was incredibly versatile for any changes the VFX Supervisor wanted to make. 

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A Long Way Down

Cain & Able provided on-set supervision for the Feature Film ‘A Long Way Down’. Working alongside Pierce Brosnan, Aaron Paul and Imogen Poots and the Director Pascal Chaumeil, CA Entertainment supervised two of the shoot days at the BBC & Ealing studio locations.


Think you have what it takes to take on Rex? #hoodsters

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